Wood Dust Extraction Systems

Airborne wood dust from cutting, machining and sanding of wood is known to produce harmful effects which can be carcinogenic. Therefore getting the right help at the right time, makes good business sense and will play a part in ensuring that you meet your legal duties to protect your employee's health and safety.

We have a range of units which can be sited internally or externally, using collection sacks or bins for chippings, saw dust or fine dusts. All of our units comply with WIS32 - download a copy for free here

Total Extraction Solutions Limited provide a full and comprehensive package from our free initial consultation, design, manufacture and installation through to the handover and final commissioning of the extraction system.

In the enlosed link an employer who did not control wood dust was prosecuted and fined over £25,000. Last year 955 proactive calls were made to woodworking premises by the HSE, of which 78% identified material breaches of regulations and attracted Fee for Intervention charges from HSE. This in turn cost the industry as a whole over £430,000.Click here for HSE Web Link

Protecting your employees is a priority and this will ensure their maintained health and no interuption to your manufacturing.

This site provides an outline of the products and services we can offer you, however for further information or to arrange a free no obligation quotation click here to contact us via E-Mail or call 01709 555501!

Case Study - Workshop Wood Dust Extractor (PDF: 84KB)

Case Study - Furniture Manufacturer (PDF: 215KB)

Case Study - Biomass Plant Wood Dust Extraction (PDF: 133KB)

Case Study - Chop Saw Wood Dust Extraction (PDF: 131KB)

HSE Guidance Sheet - Wood Dust Extraction

Fine Wood Dust Unit

Fine Dust Unit

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Wood Dust Bagging Unit

Bagging Unit

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Mobile Wood Dust Extractor

Dust Extraction

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