Shot Blast Dust Extraction Systems

Our container Shot Blast rooms are a robust, energy-efficient and low cost solution for all forms of enclosed, freestanding Shot Blasting operations.

Applications include vehicle chassis remanufacturing, small scale workshop manufacturing and the pre-treatment of many types of products before surface finishing, powder coating or painting.

Total Extraction Solutions Limited Shot Blast rooms can be used with any pressure pot free-standing or total loss shot blasting equipment. The combination of the fully enclosed environment and extraction system enables all blast media to be recycled, resulting in an environmentally-friendly and economical shot blasting operation.

We also supply on-site dust extraction units which enable companies that are undertaking open-air shot blasting to comply with all UK and European safety regulations. The use of media such as Copper Slag, Non-Silica abrasives and Aluminium Oxide must now be extracted in all outside situations. This system allows full compliance whilst operating effectively and economically.

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Case Study - Bead Blasting Extraction (PDF: 84KB)

Shot Blast Room Extraction

Shot Blast Room

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Shotblast Dust Extraction System

Dust Extraction

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Enclosed Shotblast Extraction Cabinet

Enclosed Cabinet

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