Motor Driven Hose Reel System

The Motor Driven Reel System is a flexible means of introducing exhaust extraction into workshops and garages and can be used on all classes of vehicle.

The reel carries the required length of hose on a steel drum and is fixed at a high level to keep the vehicle workshop free from obstruction, a benefit which improves health and safety in the workplace.

Motor Driven Reels allow for easy operation as the reel can be operated via a connected pendant control or an infra-red remote control and so the reel does not need to be manually stored and released by operators.

Pendant controls can also be fitted to workshop walls to allow for easy operation.

The system can also be fitted with an automatic start such that when the hose is lowered the extraction fan is automatically switched on.

An optional extra is to have the reel mounted on a free moving rail. This enables reels to be moved along the rail between workstations when a fixed system is not required for each bay.

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Case Study - Motor Driven Reel System (PDF: 174KB)

Case Study - Train Depot Motor Driven Reel System (PDF: 195KB)

Motor Driven Exhaust Extraction System

Motor Hose Reel

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Motor Driven Exhaust Extraction Reel

Exhaust Reel

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Exhaust Extraction Hose Reel

Hose Reel

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