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Bofa V200 Solder Fume Extractor

Price: £660.00
Bofa V250 Solder Fume Extractor

Price: £792.00
Bofa A1030099 V200 V250 Hepa Filter

Price: £115.20
Bofa A1030102 V200 V250 Pre Filter

Price: £48.00
Fumebuster Hepa Chemical Filter 110531

Price: £144.00
Fumebuster Pre Filter F5 200314

Price: £60.00
Fumecube Hepa Chemical Filter 110536

Price: £132.00
Fumecube Pre Filter F5 200225

Price: £48.00
Hepa Chemical Filter 113505

Price: £336.00
Labyrinth F8 F9 Filter 202271

Price: £228.00
2 Tip Hepa Filter 110507

Price: £132.00
Chemical Filter 113508

Price: £336.00
110615 Hepa Chemical Filter

Price: £696.00
Pre-filter 202260

Price: £78.00
Pre-filter 200280

Price: £144.00
Bofa System 30-CF Combined Filter

Price: £60.00
Bofa A1030099 System 250-GF Gas Filter

Price: £90.00
BOFA Combined Filter A1030055

Price: £183.60
Bofa System 600-CF Combined Filter

Price: £180.00
BOFA Combined Filter A1030050

Price: £168.00
BOFA Combined Filter A1030155

Price: £192.00
BOFA Pre-Filter A1030056

Price: £67.20
BOFA Pre-Filter A1030045

Price: £120.00
BOFA Pre-Filter A1030156

Price: £120.00

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