Emergency Vehicle Moving Rail System

Diesel fumes from fire tenders have been an unpleasant feature of fire stations for many years. Total Extraction Solutions Limited developed a robust and reliable system providing effective capture of dangerous exhaust fumes at source when the fire tender is stationary or while it exits the bay during an alarm situation.

Ideal for applications were vehicle movement and exhaust extraction are required simultaneously. A suction rail is mounted at high level above the bay; the hose carrier opens and closes the rubber seal as it travels along the entire length of the rail dispatching harmful gases into the hollow centre. A powerful fan rapidly transports the fumes to the discharge stack.

Our unique exhaust fume capture hood attaches to a base plate mounted to the rear of the appliance. This provides a firm attachment to the vehicle and safely releases as the vehicle exits the doors with little or no swing even when maximum throttle is applied. Operation of the fan and magnets can be controlled at this point.

This bespoke solution is individually designed for each client to suit their exact needs, for further information or to arrange a free no obligation site click here to contact us via E-Mail or call 01709 555501!

Case Study - Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Extraction (PDF: 208KB)

Case Study - Airport Fire Station Exhaust Extraction (PDF: 133KB)

Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System

Fire Stations

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Moving Rail Exhaust Extraction System

Moving Rail

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Exhaust Extraction Rail System

Exhaust Rail

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