Fixed & Semi Flexible Modular System

The Fixed and Semi-Flexible Modular Systems are among the most versatile and cost effective forms of exhaust extraction.

The system expels the harmful exhaust fumes from all types of vehicle including cars, commercial vehicles, buses and heavy goods vehicles.

They can be designed to include any number of outlets in a fixed or semi-flexible form, and can be installed on wall locations, service lift legs or suspended between bays or pits to leave work areas free from obstruction.

This type of system is also easy to extend when when your needs expand and also simple to relocate when workshop layouts are changed. Both Fixed and Semi-Flexible Modular systems are designed to each customers specific requirements and work equally well with all types of emissions.

Hoses can be switched at any of the outlets on the extraction system and any unused points can be capped off to increase the system's efficiency even more. Extraction points can terminate with either instantaneous couplings or direct to the extraction hose.

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Case Study - Bus Depot Exhaust Extraction (PDF: 166kB)

Case Study - Fixed & Semi Flex Vehicle Exhaust Extraction (PDF: 81KB)

Fixed Exhaust Extraction System

Fixed System

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Semi Flexible Exhaust Extraction System

Semi Flexible

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Motorbike Exhaust Extraction System

Exhaust System

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