Laser/Plasma Cutting Fume and Dust Extraction Systems

All Laser and Plasma cutting processes produce hazardous fumes. These fumes and dusts are a health and safety risk and should employees be exposed to them they can cause serious long term medical conditions.

Fume and Dust Extraction for your process is essential as it protects your workers and enhances their productivity in addition to complying with the stringent health and safety regulations.

You can rely upon Total Extraction Solutions Limited, to provide the solution to your extraction system requirements, whatever they may be. When our extraction systems are provided for you and your work force, to enable capture of pollutants at the source, it has been proven how this can lead to benefits such as, cleaner more efficient production, increased product quality and improved working environments.

We have a wealth of experience within the fume extraction industry and as a complete extraction provider for all sectors of industry. We are able to Design, Manufacture, Supply, Install, Service & Test all types of Laser and Plasma vutter fume and dust extraction equipment to suit your requirements.

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Laser Cutting Fume and Dust Extraction System

Laser Cutter Dust

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Plasma Cutting Fume and Dust Extraction System

Plasma Fume

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CNC Fume Extraction

Laser Fume

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