Grinding Dust Extraction Systems

You can rely upon Total Extraction Solutions Limited, to provide the solution to your grinding dust extraction system requirements, whatever they may be.

When our dust extraction systems are provided to you and your work force, to enable capture of explosive and non-explosive pollutants at the source, it has been proven how this can lead to benefits such as, cleaner more efficient production, increased product quality and improved working environments.

We have a wealth of experience within the dust extraction industry. As a complete extraction provider for all sectors of industry, we are able to Design, Manufacture, Supply, Install, Service & Test all types of dust and fume extraction equipment to suit your requirements.

Whatever your dust extraction requirements are, we are confident that we can provide you with the solutions you are looking for. If you are looking for a quality service at a competitive price, from a complete extraction provider, you need look no further.

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Case Study - Grinding Dust Extraction (PDF: 79KB)
Case Study - Welding and Grinding Extraction (PDF: 106KB) 

Grinding Bench Dust Extraction System

Grinding Bench

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Grinding Dust Extraction Unit

Grinding Dust

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Grinding Dust Extraction Table

Grinding Table

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